Premises Liability

  • Reconstruct cause of falls and injuries in falls from height (stairways, lifts, ladders, balconies, elevators, escalators, roofs) and ground level.
  • Evaluate premises liability associated with slip, trip & fall incidents including issues relating to walkway coefficient of friction, building code and ADA compliance, walkway safety, and lighting.
  • Reconstruct injuries associated with assault and burns.


  • Evaluation of injury mechanisms associated with collisions involving automobiles, heavy trucks, trains, motorcycles, boats, fork lifts, overhead lifts, aircraft, bicycles, skate boards, roller blades, golf carts, amusement park rides, and scooters.
  • Determine seat belt and child restraint use and effectiveness.


  • Assess cause of injuries due to conveyor belts, cranes, presses, and other heavy equipment.


  • Investigate playground equipment for safety compliance and injury causation.


  • Reconstruct injuries associated with gym equipment and sporting activities.